Thursday, August 12, 2010

Making viewers hook on to watching HD TV

HD TV technology has been introduced in UK for quite some time now. Yet statistics reveal that most families in UK do not utilize the HD functions as expected of them to.

In order to popularize HD TV format, BBC One channel will be aired in HD format as well. With hopes that BBC Channel One viewers which are impressive in number will enjoy watching the channel and its popular programmes in HD format.

HD TV providers such as Sky, Freeview, Freesat and Virgin Media have agreed to air BBC One in HD format. With plans of introducing more and more HD programmes particularly in the evening slot, they plan to make more and more viewers aware and switch over to HD TV format which of course is much superior than the standard digital TV format. If things go as planned, by the end of two years, it is very much likely for viewers to enjoy HD programmes aired at different time slots throughout the day.

As per these plans, BBC will be airing its programmes in HD in two different channels viz. BBC One and BBC HD while its regular broadcasting schedule will be expanded to 12 hours from the present 9 hours. Also BBC HD channel will be the UK’s first unencrypted TV channel.

Sky 3D TV Offers-With Sky 3D tv offers Experience the exciting way to watch television. LG, Samsung, Panasonic and many more experts in electronics will be launching their own 3D TVs to allow you to take advantage of Sky’s new service its latest technology create a full 3D experience in your home.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HD TV becomes even more cheaper, check out the latest HD TV offers in UK.

It is time you accept the fact that HD technology has arrived and is here to stay. Well, if you are thinking of still switching over to digital TV, then it makes sense to go for HD TV as well as HD boxes.

To supplement this trend, we have both Sky and Virgin Media announcing the launch of attractive HD TV deals. Customers opting for Sky HD or Virgin Media HD are likely to enjoy watching a large number of HD programmes.

Sky is very much inclined to offer HD version of Sky Sports News, plus ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4. Prospective Sky customers can always begin their TV package with Sky+HD Starter package which offers choice amongst six TV packs along with interesting to watch HD channels such as Sky1, Channel 4 and BBC HD. The Sky+HD starter pack is available at £28 per month, with no installation fee and a free Sky+HD box on a one year contract.

On the other hand, you have the Virgin Media company which is soon going to air Comedy Central HD in September 2010. Meanwhile making HD TV look more appealing to new clients, Virgin is offering 160 digital TV channels, plus all of Virgin Media's HD channels, the important ones being BBC HD, ITV1 HD and ESPN HD for just £23 per month plus a one-off fee of £49.

Though, you would wish to wait for a while before finalizing your TV package, but the current digital TV deals offered by both Sky and Virgin Media are equally attractive and affordable as they offer a great variety of channels and the latest TV technology right into your television sets.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mobile devices to get Digital Television

Just two years ago digital TV was introduced in many parts of the world to make television viewing bigger and better and now this year in 2010 digital television will also be available on your mobile devices.

This technology is developed to let the viewers watch TV where ever they are; mobile DTV is the technique to make the new generation watch TV on their mobiles more than YouTube videos on their iPhones.

TV viewing is meant to sit at one place with a bowl of popcorn but this year the entire scenario will change as you will be able to watch TV as you go. Digital TV will be available on your laptops, mobiles, portable DVD players, mini tablets, etc. For the latest Digital TV deals check the leading Digital TV Providers in UK.

The major companies of this field are creating all this amazing stuff on public demand and they are of the opinion that the trend of downloading videos on their mobiles should be furthered by bringing TV on them.

This service was available earlier but the signals and transmissions were very weak and this lead to the downfall of it, but this year all the major companies are claiming that they will make this service the best one available.

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SKY 3D TV will soon be available with LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony

Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony introduced their latest 3D TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and to make the experience better for the customer they have tied up with Sky’s 3DTV service.

The Sky 3D service will provide a variety of 3d encoding which could include movies, arts, entertainment and sports. This 3D service will be available across Sky’s existing HD network.

The customers will need a Sky + HD box to access this 3D service and the company is of the opinion that the existing boxes will work too. The viewers will have to update their televisions to the new 3D models and 3D glasses introduced by the various companies to use this service. Sky’s director of product design and TV product development also said that their HD customers already have a 3D capable set top box, so the interested ones to view their videos in third dimension will have a choice to choose from the variety of 3D enabled televisions in the market.

By working well with the 3D TV producers in the market Sky owners want to make sure that the viewers enjoy hassle free 3D television.

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